How to enrich your life through creativity

Creativity is open to us all. Each one of us can discover and nurture a new, exciting dimension in our life.

Whether you are already involved in some form of creative expression, a raw beginner or well established, The Creative Seed provides a host of strategies to keep you inspired and on track in living your creative dream. Through a combination of case histories, questions and exercises, The Creative SEED will:

  • help you identify the creative interest you would like to explore
  • enable you to discover your creative strengths
  • guide you through the creative process using the “SEED” approach of skills, experimentation, evaluation and discovery, and
  • help you to overcome common obstacles such as anxiety, stress, low self-confidence and procrastination.

Whatever your creative pursuit, whether you write, sing, play music, knit, paint or sculpt, turn wood or make pots – The Creative SEED will guide you through the everyday ups and downs of the creative process so that you can achieve your goals and more.

The book is written in two parts. The first is designed for newcomers to identify the creative interest they would like to explore.

The common myths of creativity are challenged and stimulating exercises are provided to help the reader discover their creative strengths. This section concludes with an original concept explaining the creative process called the SEED approach — an acronym that stands for skills, experimentation, evaluation and discovery. The concept is aimed at guiding beginners and established creators to clearly understand the nature of the creative process.

Part Two addresses the common difficulties people experience, such as anxiety, low self-confidence and procrastination. Chapters provide case histories, questions and exercises to assist the reader in gaining self-awareness and practical skills to be active and successful in their creative expression.

Finding your creative seed – Kelly Fuller talks to Lilian Wissink on ABC New England North West Morning program

Lilian Wissink talks to ABC Far North Queensland
Interview on ABC Far North Queensland (click the button to play or download 8.3MB mp3 file)


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